thumbnail_mxytmwezBuried and just generally annoyed by over $100k of student debt, I challenged myself on September 14th, in the year of our lord 2016, to break up with my good for nothing, deadbeat debt, Tyrone. Tyrone, named after Erykah Badu’s 1997 piece “Tyrone“, had grown from about $95K to over $100k. Because, compounding interest is a thing.

Unwilling to cope with the thought of paying $1,258 each month for the next 10 years of my life, I’ve challenged myself to leave this fool in 36 months instead of 10 years. The journey began with a very well received first post and won’t end until this debt is cast out of my life and sent to the fiery pits of hell.

A native of Los Angeles, I currently live and work as a manager at a technology and media company in Dallas, TX. Already, friends and family members have joined the movement toward debt freedom. Follow along as I track my progress, along with that of friends and relatives, while offering strategies for success.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Marlissa Collier

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